Websters Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Isaacs, who is the winner of the Websters Chalk Paint Powder and L’Essentiel Beeswax Polish. Her mention of coral had me imagining bold coral pieces all day! AND thank you to everyone who entered ๐Ÿ™‚


Would you believe that months and months ago I created this ecard and shared it on Instagram and Facebook. Since them I’ve seen it absolutely everywhere, even some of my favourite bloggers have shared it! Next time I’ll remember to but my business name on it!


Featured Post at Recycled Interiors!


Just a quick post to say that I’m over at Recycled Interiors today, where Helen is very kindly featuring my most recent project. I’d love it if you’d pop over and say hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Meanwhile, I will try to sort out the backend issues I’m having with my site… hopefully a new post will go up tomorrow!


Taking stock…


Cane ChairCane Chair 2

This year has been rough. Survivable, but rough. Why? Oh, well… this.

And so I’ve been trying to look after myself, something that I haven’t really done a whole lot of before. And doing nice things for myself. One of those nice things is joining the Blog with Pip course – a course for bloggy people, or people who want to be bloggy kind of people, and who want to learn more. Something cool Pip has asked us to do is a taking stock exercise… and I thought I’d share mine. Pip provides the prompts, we provide the response. Here goes…

Making : Old stuff new again.
Cooking : Dinner drives me nuts. Neither of my children like anything I cook!
Drinking : More water. Must drink more water.
Reading: Fashionably Worn by Leigh-Ann Pow. All about filling your home with vintage treasures. Thank you MJ ๐Ÿ™‚
Wanting: A crystal ball… I’d like to know what’s gonna happen next!
Looking: For a job. And roadside treasures. And the silver lining.
Playing: Schools, scooter races and lego.
Deciding: That I CAN do it!
Wishing: That every little thing really IS gonna be alright.
Enjoying: Friends and family.
Waiting: Till December and then putting the house on the market ๐Ÿ™
Liking: My new bed.
Wondering: Where we will make our new home.
Loving: The little cards Emma makes me, and Harry’s happy face.
Pondering: Vacuuming.
Considering: Whether I can really justify another visit to the op shop!
Watching: House Rules.
Hoping: For the best for my little people.
Marveling: At the elaborate and complex explanations my daughter gives for not listening or doing as she’s asked.
Needing: To tidy up.
Smelling: Rain.
Wearing: Prints and colour. I need more of it.
Following: @sallyturbitt on Twitter. This person has given me more in so many areas of my life than I could ever return. Thanks Sal.
Noticing: Negative thoughts and trying to cut them off at the pass.
Knowing: There can never be too many paint projects.
Thinking: About my blog and where it’s going.
Feeling: Excited.
Admiring: Miss Mustard Seed… I could spend hours poking around her blog and would love to visit her market stall in the US one day.
Sorting: Through my garage and trying to decide whether there are some things that I should just pass on to the next person.
Buying: Paint. Always.
Getting: To bed way too late!
Bookmarking: Dining tables, looking for inspiration before painting mine.
Disliking: The lack of empathy displayed by the Australian Government.
Opening: The windows to let some cool night air in. Just for a minute ๐Ÿ˜‰
Giggling: At Emma doing Judo.
Feeling: Tired. Lucky. Hopeful.
Snacking: On ice cream with ice magic!! Don’t tell anyone.
Coveting: A sunnylife beach sounds radio. To listen to while I’m painting.
Wishing: For a sleep in.
Helping: Myself in order to help my children.
Hearing: My little man Harry snoring.

It was nice to think about all the things going on in my life, good and bad. And what about you? Do you take stock regularly?



Grey and White Armoire Makeover

I’ve got a lovely new armoire makeover to share today!


I found this armoire via Gumtree and jumped on it as soon as I saw the ad. I drove the 30 minutes to pick her up, only to find that I’d forgotten to check one little detail – her depth! Because she’s quite deep there was absolutely no way I was getting her in the car, and I’d forgotten all my ropes so I couldn’t get her on the roof either. Lucky for me, her owner was happy to wait for me to sort something else out rather than selling it to someone else. And let meย  tell you – she had so much interest, she was getting calls while I was there trying to wedge it into my car!

armoire 5

That afternoon she came home on the roof of the car, though it has taken me a little while to get on with actually painting her. It was all those wooden bars! I thought they would be fiddly, and they were driving me nuts! It ended up being one of those pieces where I just painted a bit and then went on with something else, painted a bit and so on.

armoire 2

I knew I wanted grey and white, so went with Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Pure White. I love this grey and will definitely use it again – it’s just enough colour, and of course it has a little blue in it which I always love. I have left the original hardware – I like the contrast and decided that if it’s new owner wanted something a little more bling they could do that!

armoire 4

The lovely lady who owned her previously was using the armoire in her bedroom with a little TV and extra blankets stacked on the shelves. I love the idea of tucking the TV away if you do have one in your bedroom. I also imagined it as a great storage cupboard for linen, kids toys, or even in a nursery for all those little bits and pieces.

armoire 3

I’ve had a run of larger pieces lately, and I think I need a little break from them! Moving this one in and our of the garage to work on was a nightmare! I do have a dresser with mirror in the garage, and the child’s wardrobe, but I think I might work on something a little smaller for a while!

I’d love to hear what you think ๐Ÿ™‚



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Bedroom Makeover Update!

So… I had planned a big post on my bedroom makeover, and hoped to wow you with a beautifully completed accent wall. And then on Wednesday my house was broken in to, and Thursday morning I realised that my camera had gone.


Luckily everyone is OK, nothing really sentimental and therefore valuable was taken, so it could have been much worse. It seems as though the person only got as far as my bedroom, rummaged round in my walk in robe and found a safe (that was empty) and my camera. And left. Probably patted my Golden Retriever Holly as they left.

I hate the feeling that someone has been here, and that they’ve been into the room that I’m trying to create for myself. I’ve been working so hard to create a new start and a sanctuary for myself as I work out how this new life works that this really had thrown me. But that’s past tense… I don’t want it too. I still want this to be my room, my launch pad. So I’m sharing where I’m up to, to get excited and to push myself to keep going. I hope you don’t mind ๐Ÿ™‚


I had a false start with my wall paint – I was sold on a colour that looked way too purple when up on the wall. I ended up buying a litre of white and adding a quarter of a cup of black and just going with it… I mean, it works when I mix paint for my furniture, so why not for the walls! It is still slightly purple (well, violet) but I’m OK with that. It changes the room completely and I’m so happy I did it.

I also spent an afternoon making a wall stencil – I picked up some acetate from Riot Art & Crafts, painters tape I already had, and an enlarged pattern from the net. I’ll share more detail on this one when I can take some great photos ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me say now that it was a little weird drawing on my wall, and I was very careful not to do it in front of Emma Harry for fear of finding their own amazing design somewhere else in the house!

wall treatment template

I have a tiny little section ofย  wall to complete and some tidying up and it’s done. It is a huge statement, and I’m sure not for everyone, but I’m loving that it’s completely unique and just for me. I can lie in bed and look at the work I’ve done, and why I’ve done it. And that makes me happy.

wall treatment

I’m now imagining a beautiful charcoal dresser to sit in front, so it’s now been added to the ‘to do’ list. My lovely emerald one will find a new home I’m sure.

So there you have it – a bit of bad news, but progress towards making something better. And that’s what I’ll focus on… the something better.



I’d rather be…

I’ve been away from ‘work’ this last week, sorting out things at home and trying to find a new routine. It’s taken me longer than expected to settle into the pattern of school drop and pick up now that Emma is at school, and I’ve chased my tail most days before finally giving up and going to pick her back up again. I have the feeling it may be that way till Harry starts preschool at the end of March, and then having two days at home will mean I can get some semblance of work happening!


Can’t wait to get back to it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Mirror Mirror Vintage Mirror

This week I’ve finished three mirrors, all a little different but thought they’d be perfect to share together. I love ornate mirrors; I have a large one in my entry (which is still in the process of a makeover) and I just love the look. It’s also the darkest area of the house, but the mirror reflects light from the next room which is perfect.

This first one has been painted in ASCP Old Whiteย  and heavily distressed. I was uncertain about this piece when I first picked it up; I was thinking the flowers were a bit garish in gold and worried that even with a coat of paint they may look overdone. Thankfully I think the paint just softens them enough to make them very shabby chic and beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

mirror 3

I picked up this round one at the same time, and used ASCP in Graphite to give it a new look. Again heavily distressed as I love the gold peaking through!

mirror 4

Last but definitely not least is this free standing mirror my Mum picked up a couple of months ago. It’s been sitting in my garage over Christmas and New Year, I just needed to get around to putting it back together! Now I have I’m thinking it looks great – so much better than the orange pine it started out with! Hopefully Mum likes it ๐Ÿ™‚

mums mirror

People often ask where I find mirrors – in my area they seem to be hard to come by for a decent price. There is a lovely ornate one in one of my local op shops that’s been there for months. There’s a small piece that’s broken, not really noticeable though… but they have $80 on it! For me this is a ridiculous price for a mirror on the smaller size, that’s also not in perfect condition. I always shop with a budget for each type of furniture in mind, and unless it’s really large I limit myself to around $60. OP shops, second hand shops, auctions, garage sales are great for these things, but if your looking in any kind of store the trick is to find out when their delivery day is and either go in that afternoon or the next day.

So what about you? DO you love mirrors? Have any hanging in your home?


Buffet and Shutters for Verduci Designs

I was recently contacted by local stylist Chantel of Verduci Designs about some pieces to go into a studio she was setting up in Long Jetty. I was so excited to finish two pieces for Chantel and then see them set up in her business!

Verduci Designs

I’d actually shared a picture of the basic orange pine buffet on Facebook after having just finished the inside in Annie Sloan Duck Egg. After chatting with Chantel I gave the piece an undercoat in white and then finished the outside in Annie Sloan Graphite. I distressed the piece so the white would show through, reflecting the Verduci Designs business colours.

Here they are on my front verandah, ready to be picked up. No styling – there was no time!

buffet and shutters

The shutters also went to the studio to be used as part of a change room. These were painted with Annie Sloan French Linen and then given a dry brush coat of Annie Sloan Duck Egg.

Verduci Designs 3

I love seeing pieces I’ve worked on in their new homes and styled up to suit their new surrounds. If often gives me inspiration for other pieces, and certainly the motivation to keep creating!

If you’re a local on the Central Coast, Verduci Designs is located at Unit 9 412 The Entrance Road Long Jetty. And if you’re not local, you can shop online ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can also find them on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by…


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2014 – Change

Are you a planner? Around this time last year I spent some time planning out what I wanted for 2013 and I’m in planning mode once again for the year ahead.


I’ve had some personal challenges last year. I’m reminded that health and happiness are important above all else, and being kind to myself is something I need to be more conscious of. I want to find greater balance, calm and strength for the year ahead. My health has been waning and good diet and exercise are almost dirty words. I need to make them my friends and make better choices.

healthy-eatingMy eldest Emma starts primary school and Harry starts preschool. Sending both loves off will be such a change; I’m not sure I’m ready but I’m trying to go with the flow. There will be tears…. Mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ On the flip side it does mean I’ll have one, possibly two days on my own to focus on Paisley Vintage. And that’s exciting!!!


I’ve been thinking alot about my work and have a few ideas up my sleeve. I’m wanting to bring more colour and pattern into my home and work, so I’m hoping you’ll begin to see that too. I realise just how much my own mood is buoyed by all things bright and colourful, and want to share those. Also, last year I focused on markets and building the foundation, this year I hope to consider working with local retailers who might stock larger pieces. If you have a homewares store between Sydney and Newcastle and think this might appeal to you, I’d love to hear from you!BusinessCardFrontI’ve filled pages with thoughts, ideas, and motivations for all these. I know they will change through the year and I’m looking forward to it. This time of year feels like opportunity and I’m enjoying that feeling, and ready to take it all on.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.



2013 – a year in review at Paisley Vintage

Just between you and me, my mind is still scrambling to process that we’re two sleeps till Christmas, and almost at the end of 2013. There are moments when I can’t wait for this year to be over (December seems to hold two months worth of activities!), and others where I think I need just a few more days to sort out myself and my family and my projects and just life in general. I’ve been so very lucky this year with so much to be very grateful for, loads of new stuff, challenges, and wins.

Projects 2 2013

Emma turned 5 and Harry turned 2. We’ve shared some great times with old friends and made new ones. I moved from Blogger to WordPress, had a logo designed, ran market stalls and painted loads of furniture.


My most popular post this year was this two tone china cabinet, I still love the look and would love something similar to work on again. But as always with this business, I find something different every time. My most popular item at markets would definitely be my ottomans; I’ve sold each of them very quickly and enjoy the process… I might even give a tufted one a go next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

coffee table to ottoman 1

I still love the thrill of arriving at an op shop, auction or junk pile and wondering what I will find. I love thinking about colour and pattern and hope that this year will bring even more amazing pieces for me to makeover (thrifting fairies willing).

Projects 2013

I’ve also been very lucky to have received some sponsored post opportunities from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Wayfair Australia, Rust-Oleum and Sika Australia. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would have these opportunities and I’m beyond grateful to each of these companies for working with me. To see my work at the Better Homes & Gardens Show in Sydney was amazing, and something I will certainly hold as a highlight for this year.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting me here at Paisley Vintage, for commenting and supporting me and my passion. I can’t thank you enough. I wish you and your family every happiness for the holidays and look forward to seeing you here in 2014.

Best wishes



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