Thrifty Furniture Finds – Doing the OP Shop Happy Dance!

Today I’m doing the thrift shopping happy dance. I know you know what that it is! This weeks thrifty furniture finds are seriously cool, if I do say so myself!

childs wardrobe

When I picture a nursery or child’s room I always imagine a gorgeous vintage wardrobe in it. Painted, a little shabby, in soft pastel colours. Filled with cute bits and pieces. But whenever I saw them they were in terrible condition, or ridiculously expensive, or a modern pine version that just didn’t quiet fit my vision. And now I’ve finally got one!! I found this girl in the local silent auction house, and was really surprised I won her.

childs wardrobe 2

I can’t wait to get started on this one. I’ve been thinking wall paper, or fabric for the inside, but have no definite plans yet. I’m just loving knowing I’ve found one!

drop leaf table

A drop leaf table was one of my first ever sales at Avoca Beachside Markets, and I’ve found another larger one ready for makeover. I think I’ll do another dark top like this dresser, and either a white or blue frame. Although, I’ve also been toying with the idea of painting it yellow. Just because… well… yellow.

lamp tables

I also picked up two lamp tables… they’re a great size and dying for a makeover. I’m not sure that orange is the best colour for these beauties! I picked them up at one of my favourite op shops, they’d just come off the truck and it was quite literally a case of me being in the right place at the right time. Love when that happens πŸ™‚

I’ve also been sanding, painting, and waxing up a storm ready for another market next weekend.

So the thrifting gods have definitely been smiling on me this week! What about you? Any great finds?


Thrifty finds.

I’ve had lots of lovely pieces go out to new homes this week… what’s not to love about that?

Sold items

(one day I will be rid of that brown wall!!!)

So I’ve found some new lovelies to work on, including this sewing cabinet…

Sewing cabinet

It’s got some great branding on top, so I’m trying to think about how I’ll save that and still make it a little more usable as a normal cabinet. The decoupage has to go. And the tassles. This one may take me a while πŸ˜‰

side table

Little side tables are perfect for market stalls, so I love this one πŸ™‚ I’m thinking Annie Sloan Graphite, but will think of it till I have my painting day on Saturday.

single drawer table

This was given to me and honestly I’m having second thoughts. Look at all that paint!!! It has to come off, but I’m almost certain it’s lead based (I will test it), so it won’t be an easy one. But as a hall table it would be fantastic!


Now, these could well be the ugliest stools I’ve found, but they absolutely have potential. I’ve already started to remove the eighties curtain fabric and they look great… can’t wait to get some paint on them.


Last but not least – how lovely is this bedhead! It’s wrought iron, so quite heavy, but I just love all the detail!

Hope you’ve been luckily with your thrifty finds this week πŸ™‚


April Furniture Projects – Thrifty Thursday

At then beginning of the year I said I wanted to work on larger furniture projects… I’m starting to get my wish πŸ™‚


I won this dresser at auction and love it – drawers run smoothly, there was little damage and no weird smell, stain or issue to work around. A real blank slate. LOVE. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do with her, but what ever it turns out to be, she’s pretty lovely already so I can’t go far wrong πŸ˜‰


These drawers, similar to the ones I finished earlier this week, also came home with me. Funnily enough after going bold last time these may just get a more subtle tone. Or not. I have been thinking I’d like to do some fabric covered drawers so you may see me trying that out…


These chairs were actually sighted by a friend and I raced around to get them. A couple of weeks ago. They move up and down my to do list depending on what I have on. But I would like to get stuck into them asap.


Lastly, I wanted to share another project I’m working on… my bedroom. If ever I needed a sanctuary it’s now, so this room has gone from an after thought to my main focus. The photo above left is a sneak peak of something sent to me by Wayfair Australia, and that really got the ball rolling. It won’t be finished, not by a long shot, but I thought I’d share my progress. More next Thursday πŸ™‚




Thirfty Thursday!!

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Thrifty Thursday post; so I thought it was about time I shared some of my latest finds.

Lamp table

I picked up this table at the end of last week and have already started a makeover I love it so much. The veneer was flaking off,Β  so it’s had a good sand and one coat of paint so far. It will be a lovely pale grey… I’m hoping to finish it next week.


This was actually something I found yesterday… look past the cafe curtain lace in the inserts and it would be so lovely! I’m yet to decide on fabric or colour… I was thinking it might be nice in a grey colour with linen, or even white with some great vintage floral. Or stripes. Decisions decisions!!

tool box

And how cute is this little tool box! I was planning on doing a white wash, but then driving round today and thinking about paint colours (as you do!) I suddenly thought it would look great in really chippy aqua. Or yellow. Or just about any colour…

dining setting

I also picked up this dining table… it’s sitting on a sheet as I thought I would start painting straight away, but my typical indecision has struck and I’m re-thinking my colour. I was originally going to paint the legs and frame of the table white, but now I’m thinking black. I’m on a real black kick at the moment… could be all the industrial style I’m seeing on The Block πŸ˜‰

shaped side table

Last but not least – my lovely friends Mel and Sonya picked this one up for me – it’s such a cute shape! I’m thinking a really bright pop of colour…

All of these are available for purchase, as is, or as a custom job. Or you can wait to see what I do with them πŸ˜‰


Thrifty Thursday…

More often than not, I seem to have weird and wonderful stories to tell about picking up furniture. Coffee tables hanging out the passenger door, peacock chairs on the laps of my children, tables sliding out the car boot when I hadn’t closed it properly… you name it I’ve done when it comes to getting that stuff home. And this was no exception…


This was the picture from Gumtree, and I was so excited I jumped on it immediately. Without checking the dimensions ….

So I drove the half an hour, worked with the owner to get it down two flights of stairs and onto the driveway. And it didn’t fit. Not even close! And to make matters worse I’d forgotten my ropes. πŸ™ I could have cried. I wanted it so much but there was no way I could get it home. Lucky for me the lady was so lovely and said she’d keep it till I came back.

Thankfully DK (my husband) agreed to go back and get it. On the roof. Then it rained.


I have cropped my husband out of this photo. He was not smiling. He’d strapped it to the roof and driven 10 minutes down the road before deciding that it wasn’t quite secure enough, and when he got out to fix it, it rained.Β  This makeover better be beautiful!

This guy on the other hand was an easy pick… in the boot, round the corner and done. Thank goodness!

drinks trolley

One day I will have a lovely van with a Paisley Vintage logo splashed across the side. Until then I guess I’ll make do πŸ˜‰


Thrifty Thursday – Mirrors and a Hall / Sofa Table

I’ve been off to a slow start this year when it comes to thrifty finds. I had my fingers crossed this morning, thinking that with this heat people won’t have visited and there would be some gems for me to take home. But unfortunately there was absolutely nothing that I even too a second look at! I looked through linen, frames, furniture, clothes, cutlery… and came up with absolutely nothing!

As a side note, I did see a basic old pine chest of drawers for $450. Yep, that’s right, four hundred and fifty dollars. Now, I get that op shops needs to raise money and they aren’t giving pieces of furniture away (in their shops anyway). But really? $450? Unless it’s drawers were lined with gold I’m fairly sure this was over priced.

Lucky for me I’d picked up a few lovelies a few weeks ago (I can’t quite remember exactly when… the days of this summer are merging into each other!) These mirrors were all in a bundle at my local auction house. I’m ready to paint the two oval ones, but the round one has me scratching my head…


I’m thinking I’ll paint one French Linen (with a dollop of old white in to lighten it slightly) and the other Provence, but that round one… I’m quite conscious of it’s shape and not making it look cheap… what would you do?

sofa table

I also picked up this sofa or hall table. I love how narrow it is… there just aren’t as many homes with lovely wide hallways or huge entry spaces any more. And with more open living spaces, a sofa table with a lamp and books and lovely little trinkets really appeals to me. I’m thinking two tone… but it’s further down the to do list, so I may well change my mind by the time I get to it.

If you’re interested in any of these pieces, as is or painted in your choice of colour, please contact me :).

Thanks for stopping by…



Thrifty Thursday

What would you say to one last Thrifty Thursday for 2013? Excellent πŸ˜‰

map table

This was actually a gift from my friend Sally, but I’m sharing it anyway…. because I love it, and I need your help! The base has been painted a terrible colour!!! What would you do? I’m tossing up stripping it back to the original, except that after this project I promised my days of stripping where over. So, if I’m painting it…. black immediately comes to mind. I’m definitely keeping it; I don’t have a desk and am tired of cluttering the dining table with my work. Would love your thoughts!

I also picked up this buffet and coffee table on my travels… the table is currently a work in progress and will be old white, but the buffet is yet to be determined. I had decided on white, then french linen with a white wash, then black. A whole lot of decisiveness going on at my place!!

buffet & side table

My neighbour gave me the hanging frame below right; I’m going to replace the pot with some kind of lantern for outside… and a bit of spray paint might just work it’s magic. And the frame? I just love it… a pale grey wash and I think it will be just perfect!

frame and hanging pot

This oval coffee table is in need of a bit of love, but the shape convinced me to grab her anyway. I’m wondering if I can save the top and paint the bottom white…. we shall see in January!

art deco table

The mantle below left is another one that needs a little love. Yes the mirror is broken, but I’m thinking a chalkboard and some hooks will bring it back to life! Those curves are just crying out for some paint!

mantle and shelves

Last but not least, the hanging shelves on the right are destined for paint too – I’m thinking the small one might look lovely in a bathroom, the larger in a kitchen or child’s room.

Don’t forget – I need your help with that map table!!! I’m lying awake at night thinking about it!

Thanks for stopping by


Thrifty Thursday and a Winner!

First up thank you to everyone who entered the Rust-Oleum giveaway. The winner is comment number 5… And comment number 5 is from Deanne! Congratulations Deanne, I have sent you an email πŸ™‚ (In case you’re wondering I used a random number generator that gave me the number 5, and then just counted down 5 comments).

Besides the important business above I thought I would also show you a few pieces I’ve picked up in the last week, and a few that are works in progress.

You might remember I picked up a chandelier a little while ago for the Rust-Oleum project and it had such great feedback that when I saw this one it had to come home with me too. She’s actually already found a new home, as is πŸ™‚

Chandelier 2

I’m always on the look out for ornate mirrors, and when I saw this one at the local auction place I was certain I would miss out. I have a budget and I’m (usually) pretty good at sticking to it! But I was lucky; I think where it was positioned meant that most people wouldn’t have seen it…. but lucky me! Well, lucky Sue (Hi Sue if you’re reading). How gorgeous is this mirror? She’s also found a new owner, just need to paint her and she’ll head to Queensland!

Mirror - Sue 2

I headed out to drop off some of the kids old clothes at an op-shop this week and couldn’t help but go in and have a look for myself. There were a few pieces I passed on that I shared via Instagram, but I did pick up this little wall shelf ready for my next market stall… I’m just going to paint her white, ready for all the little trinkets a girl can collect πŸ™‚


I also grabbed this table at a garage sale… the veneer on top is terrible, but I’m certain (well, almost certain) that I can get rid of all that and just paint her up to be beautiful! She’s another one destined for my market stall.

round table

And here’s a few shots of the pieces currently in progress…

work in progress

What about you? found anything great this week?

Thanks for stopping by…


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