My Home Office, A Wardrobe, and a Great Big Canvas

In the space designed for a formal dining room I’m in the process of creating my very own home office. A little corner for my work, for inspiration, and for creativity. A little while ago I shared this snapshot of my progress over on Facebook, showing my desk (from IKEA) and inspiration board. Every time I walk by it I smile.

inspiration board

I’m still beavering away; most recently I’ve been working on a storage solution, and a real statement piece for the opposite wall. I needed something to store all my bits and bobs – the sewing machine, project life folders, business cards, and then I found a little wardrobe for $20 and inspiration struck. Bold colour, a shelf, and she’s perfect.

Florence Wardrobe

This girl has been painted with Annie Sloan Florence on the outside, and Graphite and Pure White on the inside. I got my knickers twisted about using a bold colour and had been putting off the project, but my One Little Word reminded my to be brave, so I got on and ordered the paint.

In the meantime I received a message from Great Big Canvas offering me one of their canvases to complete my room. What timing! And though I had in mind one of their beautiful abstract prints, I kept coming back to that ampersand. It was striking and bold and fit perfectly with the black and white that seemed to be underpinning the room. So I went ahead and ordered it, an easy process that took about 10 minutes and then arrived in just over week.

florence wardrobe 3

When the canvas arrived it spurned me on to get the wardrobe finished. For this project I distressed while the paint was still wet, wiping with a paper towel and I really love the effect! I’d always been a little wary of this method, but I really think it’s given it a much more authentic look.

florence wardrobe 2

If you’re interested in checking out a canvas for yourself, you can find Great Big Canvas here. You won’t be disappointed! And they have a sale on too.

florence wardrobe 4

Thanks for stopping by…

Catherine xxx



Bedside Tables – Ideas and Inspiration!

If you’d asked me a month or so ago what the hardest part of my bedroom makeover would be I would never have said finding the perfect bedside tables. And yet, here I am. Bedside table-less. I just cannot find the right thing, and believe me, I’ve looked!

It’s not like I’m struggling for inspiration, actually, I think I’ve had too much!! Here are some of the bedside table ideas I’ve come across in my search…

bedside table collage

 1. Butlers table / 2. Miss Mustard Seed Bedroom Reveal / 3.Suitcases

4. Adairs Tripod Table / 5.Logs  / 6.Vintage Stool / 7.Trunks

8. Bamboo nightstand / 9. Dresser by The Apprentice Extrovert / 10. Midcentury Bedsides


ARGH!!!!! Butlers tables or suitcases, vintage or retro, drawers or no drawers… there so many options running through my head! I want something vintage meets modern… I’d like some colour… and I need something that isn’t specifically made to suit my room as I’ll be moving next year. I don’t particularly need storage, but I’d like it to fit a lamp, a book and chocolate or too. And clearly  need lightning to strike and help me make a decision!!!!

So PLEASE tell me – what do you use as bedside tables? I’d love you to link a picture if you have one!




Bedroom Makeover Update!

So… I had planned a big post on my bedroom makeover, and hoped to wow you with a beautifully completed accent wall. And then on Wednesday my house was broken in to, and Thursday morning I realised that my camera had gone.


Luckily everyone is OK, nothing really sentimental and therefore valuable was taken, so it could have been much worse. It seems as though the person only got as far as my bedroom, rummaged round in my walk in robe and found a safe (that was empty) and my camera. And left. Probably patted my Golden Retriever Holly as they left.

I hate the feeling that someone has been here, and that they’ve been into the room that I’m trying to create for myself. I’ve been working so hard to create a new start and a sanctuary for myself as I work out how this new life works that this really had thrown me. But that’s past tense… I don’t want it too. I still want this to be my room, my launch pad. So I’m sharing where I’m up to, to get excited and to push myself to keep going. I hope you don’t mind 🙂


I had a false start with my wall paint – I was sold on a colour that looked way too purple when up on the wall. I ended up buying a litre of white and adding a quarter of a cup of black and just going with it… I mean, it works when I mix paint for my furniture, so why not for the walls! It is still slightly purple (well, violet) but I’m OK with that. It changes the room completely and I’m so happy I did it.

I also spent an afternoon making a wall stencil – I picked up some acetate from Riot Art & Crafts, painters tape I already had, and an enlarged pattern from the net. I’ll share more detail on this one when I can take some great photos 🙂 Let me say now that it was a little weird drawing on my wall, and I was very careful not to do it in front of Emma Harry for fear of finding their own amazing design somewhere else in the house!

wall treatment template

I have a tiny little section of  wall to complete and some tidying up and it’s done. It is a huge statement, and I’m sure not for everyone, but I’m loving that it’s completely unique and just for me. I can lie in bed and look at the work I’ve done, and why I’ve done it. And that makes me happy.

wall treatment

I’m now imagining a beautiful charcoal dresser to sit in front, so it’s now been added to the ‘to do’ list. My lovely emerald one will find a new home I’m sure.

So there you have it – a bit of bad news, but progress towards making something better. And that’s what I’ll focus on… the something better.



Starting a Master Bedroom Makeover

Today I’m sharing a progress report of sorts… last Thursday I mentioned I’d started a master bedroom makeover. A little over a month ago I was left with a completely empty bedroom after this happened, bar my clothes. Literally. No bed, bedsides, dresser. Oh wait, I had a mirror. That’s it.

I’m the kind of person that focuses on the practicalities when it all gets to much. If I spend too much time thinking about the changes that have been going on in my life I wouldn’t move forward, and I HAVE to move forward. So I’ve been focused on getting things done. What I don’t want to do is sound trite; a bedroom makeover doesn’t change what has happened. It DOES give me something to focus on, and something of my own. I need it. And I thought I’d share it with you.

bedroom makeover

Lucky for me I found just the bed I was looking for at Freedom. It was on clearance and with a mattress came in at $1300. Bargain. I love upholstered bedheads, I love that I can make a new cover if I want to change things up a bit, and I love that I got to pick exactly what I wanted. 🙂

AND I got to pick out some new bed linen. I found the white bedspread and blue cushion at Target on sale. I even made myself a cushion in the grey spot I’d been holding on to for just the right project. So then I splurged on the vintage linen pillow cases at Adairs. Because that yellow.


And then Wayfair Australia sent me these amazing wall hanging arrows and I knew they’d make a perfect ‘art with a twist’ for above my bed. They are really what got me to start creating a bedroom for myself… I’d faffed around with them and then it dawned on me that I could use them for myself! You can find them here. The little bird and glass jars were recent purchases, the other bits and pieces collected along the way. I like the soft industrial feel of them.

bedroom makeover 2

So, I have the basics right? As you move round the room, well, things start to get a little sad. For example; ever wondered what happens to curtain rods when you’re children insist on twirling themselves up in the curtains? I have the perfect example below…

bedroom makeover 3

No, it’s not your eyes, the rod is bent. The curtains are SO sheer, and that’s the road out there, and the entrance to my home, so the whole thing needs help.

The dresser seems to have found a little home there and it may stay. Or not. The globe is a definite.

Now remember I said this was a progress report? Well, there is still loads to do. I have a list…. I’ll show you.

bedroom makeover 4

You can see I’m torn about lighting, that is, whether to having hanging globes or bedside lamps. I’m erring on the side of lamps as this will not be my forever home. Unfortunately. But before I get lamps, I need something to put them on! So, some amazing bedside tables are on the list. Artwork, curtains and a rug too.

And on the other side of the room… well…

bedroom makeover 5

Add to the list more curtains, artwork and a chair. (PLEASE don’t look at that chair too long. It is a terrible drawing, but hopefully you get the picture 😉 ) I think I have also found a very cool wall art idea that is cheap and amazingly effective. As soon as school returns I’m trying it out!

Now, as you can imagine I don’t quite have the budget to go online (or anywhere for that matter) to buy all these things. So it’s a work in progress. As I find the next piece the room will continue to take shape.


Hope you’ll come along for the journey 🙂



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