The #25Project – Celebrating 25 Years of Annie Sloan

Did you know Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is now 25 years old? Holy smokes that’s a lot of paint! And to celebrate, Annie is transforming 25 community spaces round the world, as nominated by you! This is the #25Project!



Whether it’s a local hall, library, school or club, we’re looking for nominations of a shared, community space that needs a makeover. Whatever your space; whether a foyer, classroom, meeting room, or clubhouse, using Annie Sloan products including brushes, paint, fabrics, stencils and finishes, we will work together to give it a new lease on life. I know that the Central Coast has some wonderful local networks; we pride ourselves on our sense of community and supporting each other and I’d love to see a local group get this opportunity – so lets get nominating!




Nominations will be reviewed by Annie and her team in the UK and 25 winners selected from around the world. If you’re group is one of the lucky recipients, you will receive an email confirmation in May, and then you and I will work together on a design, plan and then get busy with the transformation!

If you’re part of a community group whose space is in desperate need of a makeover, please consider nominating. If you’d like more information, or some assistance in getting your nomination together, drop into the shop, or send me an email via the contact page.

Nominations close April 30.




Coffee Table Converted to an Ottoman

A couple of years ago while scrolling through Pinterest (come on, you know you do it too!) I saw a coffee table converted to an ottoman ; it was a no sew project showing off the stunningly carved legs of a coffee table with a beautifully new upholstered top. I spent hours checking out the amazing makeovers and couldn’t wait to get started on my own.

Since then I’ve completed a hand full, there are just some coffee tables you know would be perfect for a conversion as soon as you see them. This was exactly that project.

Coffee Table Conversion

A good friend passed on this little table, knowing I’d be in love with its turned legs and always on the look out for another project. I shared some photos via Facebook, including some fabric options and a lovely client contacted me saying she’d love it, so chose the fabric that best suited her home. I hope you’re happy with it Sandi!

coffee table conversion 2

I usually paint the frame first, in this case the table has been painted in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan in Pure White with Clear Wax.

My top tips for coffee table conversions:

  • Choose a table that has its legs inset from the edge of the top. You will need some room to attach your fabric (unless you want to use upholstery tacks, but that’s a whole other post!) on the underside of the table top.
  • Consider how you will be using the ottoman; will you be using this everyday to sit on, or will it be more of a display or decor piece. This older table is fine to sit on, but I wouldn’t recommend it as something you’d sit on everyday. So it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a table to convert.
  • Get firm foam for your ottoman; thin or overly soft foam will flatten and go out of shape in no time. I pick mine up at Clark Rubber, however if you don’t have one near by, an upholstery store may also have what you’re after.
  • Don’t be tempted by all those beautiful quilting fabrics, or other light weight fabrics you might see at Spotlight or Lincraft. Stick to upholstery fabric! Their thicker volume means they will hold shape much longer.
  • While there are loads of no sew versions round, I always sew my corners. Yes it’s more work, but I do think it’s tidier and gives a more professional look.

You can see a few more of my ottoman projects below


  1. Aqua and White Ottoman 2. Damask Ottoman 3. Geometric Ottoman 4. Patterned Ottoman

If you’ve given an coffee table conversion a try I’d love to here your tips, or see a picture if you’d like to link it in the comments below.

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Thanks for stopping by


My First Project with Fusion Mineral Paint

A few weeks ago I put in my first order for Fusion Mineral Paint from Refinished. I’d seen it popping up in my Facebook feed regularly, with great reviews, so I thought I’d put in an order and give it a try. Just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post, I purchased the paint on my own and these are my own views!

If you’re unfamiliar with Fusion, it’s an 100% acrylic paint developed specifically for furniture painters and decorative artists. Developed in Canada by Homestead House Paint Co, I was pretty interested in one particular feature… it’s formulation means like other products on the market it doesn’t require a huge amount of prep work, but also doesn’t need a top coat! WHAT! I had to try it out… and here’s my first project.

Minty table

The first thing I noticed with this paint is that it arrived in a plastic container, with a screw top lid. So far this has been fantastic, and its claimed that the plastic ensures the paint won’t go hard or bad inside, having a reported shelf life of 7 years. That’s a huge plus for anyone not painting constantly, or when using a colour that’s not something you’re going to use everyday. I’ve had a tin or two go bad on me and it’s frustrating to say the least!

Fusion Mineral Paint

Speaking of colour, the  selection is fantastic! I jumped at Laurentien which is a minty green, as I knew this little table would look super cute is such a lovely pastel colour. I also picked up Coal Black, and can’t wait to try it out. I find it hard to get a true black, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out.

minty table 4

The table has had two coats, and adhered brilliantly. I loved it’s self leveling properties; I only very lightly sanded after the first coat and the table top is beautifully even. A week or so since its been finished and I just don’t feel the need to wax it – it’s clearly hardened and has even been worked over by two small people without chips or damage. I’ve even suggested someone use it to refinish their TV Unit as I just loved the finish so much.

minty table 6

With this project I didn’t distress; I just didn’t feel it was warranted. It’s makers suggest distressing quickly after painting and before the project cures. As a regular user of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I’m used to a very chalky finish and sanding smooth, and I found Fusion didn’t require that same process, but gave an equally beautiful outcome. To me the two paints provide a slightly different look, and work equally depending on the outcome you’re looking for.

So, will I use it again? Absolutely. That jar of Coal Black is sitting on my work bench ready for the next project. I’m really happy with the results.

If you’d like to try it out you can look through all the lovely colours and order here.

Have you used Fusion Mineral Paint? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Catherine xxx

Antoinette Dresser

I’m so delighted with this piece I hardly have the words!

antoinette dresser 1

When I picked up the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette I wasn’t 100% convinced on the colour, you might have already worked out that I’m usually a blue / green girl! But I really wanted to give something new a try, and Antoinette just seemed the right choice. It’s not a lolly or candy pink by any means; more a dusty soft pink. It makes me think of a beautifully romantic nursery or girls bedroom, full of lovely textured pieces. My gorgeous girl isn’t a big fan of pink (ok she hates it, she’s a yellow girl!) so I grabbed the chance to try it out on this beautiful dresser, knowing that I would find the perfect new family for her.

antoinette dresser 5

The dresser was passed on to me by the lovely Ljae from Little Monkey Moos. In my local area there are some lovely artisans I’ve come to know, all through picking up a paint brush five or so years ago. When Ljae offered me the dresser I jumped at it, those lovely little legs said feminine dresser to me, and the drawer pulls were just perfect.

antoinette dresser 3

I toyed with leaving the pulls in their original state, but in the end decided to give them a coat of Paris Grey as I love the colour combination.

I was having a hard time finding light in my house this week – everywhere seems to be full of shadows with the beginning of Winter. And keeping warm was a challenge out in the workshop / garage!! Here’s hoping for a few warm days over the weekend!

Antoinette dresser 4

The Antoinette dresser and chalkboard are both listed for sale here.

Catherine xxx

A Beautiful Paris Grey Coffee Table

I’ve had a few days off work this week – I was in need of a break from the routine and desperately wanted to stay home and paint. Ever have one of those weeks? The noise of everyday life got loud and I was ready for the headphones! I’m SO lucky to have a job that offers such flexibility, and a Manager that gets that sometimes you just need to take time out. So I wrangled some annual leave and I’ve had a lovely few days; spent time at the beach collecting shells, ticked off a few must-do’s health wise (you know the stuff) and spent some time in the garage. LOVE.

Time to paint means I’ve got a couple of projects finished this week, the first being this beautiful coffee table. I’m so surprised someone wanted to get rid of her – those legs are beautiful and she was in great condition. Well, when I say great condition, I mean nothing that a coat or two of paint couldn’t fix!

Paris Grey Coffee Table

Her main issue were two dark stains on the top of the table; perfect circles that were obviously left by coffee cups!! It looked a little like someone had tried to re-stain the table, but the stains were still quite visible, and they’d then given up. Their loss, my gain! I decided given the stains were still quite evident I’d start with an undercoat just in case they decided to cause trouble. While Annie Sloan Chalk Paint offers great coverage, I prefer to use a cheaper option if I think a piece might need a few coats, or something to act as an undercoat. That way I’m not wasting my precious paint! So I painted two coats of Zinsser Smart Prime first (two coats as there was one section of the stain that was particularly stubborn) before using Annie Sloan Paris Grey. Zinsser is my go to for undercoat, especially when there is some nasty stain visible. It’s a reasonable price for a good product… you can’t go wrong.

paris grey coffee table 2

I would love to think you won’t notice, but please ignore those dirty spots on the floor!!! My few blissful days off work did NOT include mopping the floor before taking photos!

Anyway, those lovely yellow roses are sitting on my desk as I type – I bought them a little late so they’re almost on their last days already, but I couldn’t resist. That colour just makes me smile. And it must be catching, I’ve caught Emma sneaking off with them already this week and trying to hide them in her room.

paris grey coffee table 3

I’m on a roll with Paris Grey at the moment – I have two project in the works in the same colour. When I started out with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen was my go to for grey, but I’ve moved on, Paris Grey just being so soft and beautiful.

This week has really got me thinking about making time for me, making time for creativity, as well as time to just relax. That walk on the beach made for a beautiful start to the week. Hope you’re having a great week too.

Catherine xxx


Drop Leaf Table

It’s a little embarrassing just how long I’ve had this drop leaf table. Truly. I got it some time last year…. maybe the year before. I stripped the old cream, then green, then white paint, burning my fingers in the process, so it was banished to the bottom of the pile till I could bare to look at it again. But she’s finally finished, looking rustic, fresh and beautiful.

drop leaf table

I bought this girl from a lady who was using the table in her laundry for her dryer.  I was in such shock when she mentioned it that I gasped, and she very sheepishly apologised. Poor woman, I apologised too; I didn’t mean for her to feel bad, I was just happy to take the table off her hands! So the table top was in a pretty sorry state, I’d really hoped to stain the top but it just wasn’t going to happen – sometimes pieces seem to have a mind of their own and I just have to go with it.

drop leaf table 2

I’m loving that shine on the table top – even with its worn look. I wanted it to show its age, a reminder of the plates slide across the table, the books rested there, so I sanded the table heavily, letting it distress more in certain places that others. The more I paint the more I find I’m finding I love the character pieces, the ones that give you a sense of their working life. There is a little of the old green paint in some places too – I wanted a pretty kind of rustic and I think she turned out just beautifully.

drop leaf table 3

Of course I pulled out my little collection of vintage books for styling, and a beautiful bunch of flowers. I just can’t help myself; I’ve decided I can trade a take out meal each week for a flesh bunch of flowers. What’s a week without flowers!

Thanks for stopping by,

Catherine xxx



French Blue Mirror

I’d gotten into a routine of posting once a week here on the blog and then we all fell over. We started the weekend before last with Harry getting croup, then I had some kind of flu / cold thing and then Emma finished the week with it too. Thank goodness we seemed to all recover over the weekend ready to start this week!

Remember how I said I was on a roll with mirrors? I’ve recently shared this one, AND this one, and well, today, this one!

Aubusson Blue Mirror 3

I wanted something different with this mirror, and so decided to try Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue. I’ve used this colour a couple of times before but forgotten I had some left in the garage… that tends to happen when you have an out of control work space! But as soon as I saw the can I had a picture in mind of something bold and classic, and I’m loving how it turned out.

aubusson blue mirror 2

I’d originally planned for just the blue and white, but a Facebook follower suggested the gold highlights and I love the look. I imagine it in a bedroom, its a little shorter that a full length but still a nice size. But it could also sit over a hall table or sideboard and look gorgeous…

aubusson blue mirror 4

I had a great day yesterday with a few roadside treasures that I’m hoping to get started on this weekend… one is a perfect coffee table that I’m hoping to turn into an ottoman. It has the perfect legs!

Hope you’re having a great week


Mirror Mirror

I’ve had some luck recently with large ornate frames; I’d found a few beauties and then came across a super large one that was screaming out to be made into a mirror.

gold mirror

I’ve always been a little reluctant to turn the frames into mirrors, mostly because of the cost involved in obtaining glass. It’s an extra element to factor in to pricing, which is a challenge at the best of times! But quite honestly I thought it would be just a shame to make it a chalkboard or memory board (using chicken wire), so I decided to bite the bullet and get a glazier to cut a piece of glass to size and install it. I’m so glad I did.

If you’re considering doing something similar yourself, it’s worth ringing round with the measurements of your frame to get a quote. I really was pleasantly surprised, and the glazier secured the mirror for me as well. If you’re local to the Central Coast, you could try Tuggerah Lakes Glass. I was really happy with them.

gold framed mirror 2

It’s so large it’s been a struggle to successfully photograph… I originally had it propped up over my sideboard but the room isn’t particularly light filled and this past weekend was gloomy most of the time. My bedroom was slightly better for light, but those reflections!! I must get myself Photoshop for my next birthday.

gold framed mirror 3

I do love this mirror, especially over the bed, but as I already have a mirror in that room that has sentimental value, I’ve listed this beauty on my For Sale page if you’re interested.

Catherine xxx



Paris Grey Mirror

Hmmm… a week slipped by there somehow and I didn’t notice. I was trying very hard to be a good, consistent blogger and then, well, the project I’d planned hit a wall, and I didn’t have a backup. Can we let that slide? Thanks!

I’m a sucker for an ornate mirror. When one pops up for sale I can’t resist… even when I’ve promised myself that I would finish the pieces that are already in my garage before starting something new. Which is just what happened when I saw this one for sale…


I painted this using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey, and dry brushed the details with Pure White. I love how the white picks out all those pretty details, and I’m a bit partial to Paris Grey at the moment. I always say I’m a blue girl, but I like the subtlety of this grey.

mirror 2

As usual, I’m tempted to keep it… but it’s a little small for this spot, and the mirror I have there right now is larger and one of those cold dead fingers finds. As in, you will only be prying this from said fingers when I’m dead!! It’s been there for a year or two and is still unpainted… it’s previous owner spray painted it black, which is slowly peeling away, but I just haven’t quite gotten round to working on it myself. One day.

My favorite thing of the week (and I know it’s only Wednesday, but seriously) has to be those flowers. I wanted a bunch for the entry but was feeling a bit stingy when I went out Sunday morning and didn’t want to shell out anything substantial. And then these were sitting there… and well… I just got them anyway. They smell completely divine, as I type this on Tuesday night I can smell them wafting down the hallway and they make me very very happy. Money well spent I’d say.


I’m trying hard to focus on my styling this year, and I think I’m improving. Slowly. Often times I don’t feel I have the right props… but a gorgeous bunch of flowers just does the trick!

mirror 3

Catherine xxx

Shabby Chic Shelf

One of Mum’s friends passed on this cute little shelf recently – the message that came with it went something along the lines of ‘if you don’t like it just throw it away’! As if! It’s the perfect size for trinkets, stationery, or to display collections… even for a child to display their treasures. Its previous owner had the shelf sitting on her kitchen bench, with mugs displayed along the bottom and a plate sitting in the top.

shabby chic shelf

I shared it recently on Facebook and a lovely client messaged immediately to say she’d love it painted white… here’s a before shot, along with a few other pieces I’d piled together that are all on the to do list.

shabby chic shelf 3

The detail across the top is lovely, and perfect for distressing. This would have to be one of my favourite parts of the process – sanding a piece back to highlight those details. Sure perfectly smooth has it’s place, but I think I’m a chippy girl at heart!

shabby chic shelf 1

I also love that this shelf has little feet so it could stand on a kitchen bench or desk…

shabby chic shelf 2

It feels great to have finished another project, and to start the year on such a positive note. Working on furniture projects, developing my style, participating in the One Little Word workshop, it’s all feeling really positive right now. Hope 2015 is feeling the same for you.

Catherine xxx



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