2017 – In the beginning




Happy New Year friends

The holidays are slowly coming to an end, though I have to admit with these warm days I’m still sleepy and a little slow to kick into gear for 2017. After spending Christmas and New Year with my family the shop reopened this week, and coming back to my happy place has been lovely, even if most days I still have sand between my toes.

I have a big list of ideas for the year, and yes, some of them are things that I didn’t quite get to last year. And when I say quite get to, I mean I didn’t actually start them, though I spent quite a bit of time thinking about them. I hinted in January last year that my word for the year should be health, as it REALLY needs some attention…. and that lasted just about as long as it took me to hit publish and I didn’t commit. So I guess there’s that…. but I am also eating some pavlova whilst I type so you know, it’s not looking solid.

Business wise I’m at a point where I need to get serious about a few things; particularly expanding my product ranges and getting some help both strategically and physically in the store. That said, asking for help has never been my favourite , so we will see how that pans out! If you see me struggling on my own in October make sure you give me a block of chocolate and a serious talking to about getting help.

And overarching all this,  Harry is starting school and Emma starting Year Three, my husband Danny is taking Long Service Leave for first term (so you may see him around the store in February and March) and my sister is getting married… all fixed points to get the year started! I can hardly get past that first one, my baby starts school! You can bet there will be a few tears, and then, let’s face it, a huge sigh of relief. We’ve also booked a holiday; we’re off along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria in March which will be a brilliant family adventure.

While I’ve been thinking about all these things I’ve struggling with the idea of planning things out versus going with the flow. I can’t decide what works for me and where I should expend my energy. Some of that’s fear, some of it’s that holiday mood I mentioned above, and some of it’s indecisiveness. So right now there is no ‘To Do’ list. And while I’ve been thinking about all these things, I stumbled across this video. Because the one thing I can do, is just keep on doing my thing. Even when it’s weird, even when it’s different. In a big world of noise, this little bird is just going to keep doing what I can, in the way I do it best.

Here is is. I love it. Hope you do to.




Catherine XXXX



A Few Things to be Grateful For…


This time of year, in all the crazy hustle and bustle, it’s nice to take a few minutes…it’s been one crazy year!!!

I’ve had many, many reasons to stop and reflect on the amazing year that has been. My family have continued to love and support me, my children have smiled and laughed, my sister got engaged, I spent time with old friends and new ones, and I continued to build my dream business. Sure I didn’t lose the 20 kilos I’d like to, continue walking every morning (a made a month at the most) or get a new display rack for the appliques, stencils or knobs, but you know what? I can always try again next year!

I have been fortunate to have had lovely customers visit my shop, run classes each and every month, and to move to a lovely new premises. Opportunities have come my way that I will be forever grateful for, I’ve made new friends having bonded over paint, furniture, interiors and Annie Sloan, and talked paint seven days a week and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Of course there were moments when I worried for the future of my business; retail is a fickle industry and this year some good friends were forced to make serious changes to their businesses in order to keep pursuing their dream. I can tell you it was hard to watch passionate and committed women in these situations and not be overwhelmed by the fear of it happening to me too. Small business is hard, but I know I’m am so very lucky and there are more upsides than down.

This week also marked the very last Tuesday Harry will come along to the shop with me, as he starts Primary School next year. And though there were rough patches (I remember in my very first week in the shop, when Harry was just 3 years old, he fell asleep, had an accident and woke up screaming absolute blue murder. Thank goodness the ladies in the shop at the time were VERY understanding!!!) I know next year when I watch him run off to school I will miss him and our days together. Emma also starts Year Three, though seems to already have the attitude of a 15 year old, and has become really interested in the world of paint and in particular colour. It’s so amazing to share this with my daughter, and has caused me to start thinking about children’s classes for next year.

Which leads me to the future… I have plans for 2017, some big, some small. I have a list, as always, and I need to get things done! My husband Dan will be on long service leave during the first part of the year, so chances are you will see him in and around the shop. I’m also hoping to find someone to work in the shop one day a week too, so that I can actually tick things off the list rather than looking longingly at it!

I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to support me and my family through Paisley Vintage, whether it’s online or in store, it means a lot to all of us. Please have a wonderful holiday season, and a beautiful start to 2017.


PS. Check out my holiday opening times here.








Christmas / New Year Store Hours



It’s that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us and we’re all planning for the weeks ahead. To ensure everyone knows when the shop will be open over December and the beginning of January I’m posting the shop hours here. If you’re ever ensure, you’re always welcome to message me via Facebook or email at catherine@paisleyvintage.com.au.

We will be closed between Christmas and New Year however we are not traveling so appointments may be available. Please message me via the means above and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.



Please note the following store opening times over the holidays –

Open 10am till 2.30pm Tuesday to Friday, 10am till 4pm Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday) unless stated below:

  • Saturday December 3 – 10am till 12noon
  • Thursday December 15 – CLOSED
  • Thursday December 22 – 10am till 7pm LATE NIGHT CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!
  • Sunday December 25 to Monday January 2 – CLOSED



I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Catherine xxx



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