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A few weeks ago a fellow small business owner posted the quote below – a well known and loved retailer was very sadly closing her doors for the last time.

Shop small

Small business is hard. Paisley Vintage is a one woman show and while living out this dream is amazing, it’s also scary and a lot of hard work. When you take the leap and open a bricks and mortar store there are weeks when your wings falter and you feel your stomach drop. You hear that a business you thought was successful is trying to trade out of disaster, or worse still, closing. And you worry that you might be on the same path.

Small businesses need the support of their community. It’s vital. As part of the Long Jetty strip I’ve found a creative community of small businesses that are rejuvenating a once very sad and tired area. The founding businesses such as Beautiful Garbage, The Glass Onion and The Sound Exchange brought people back to the area, and laid the ground work for businesses like mine to begin. And even more than that, they make an important contribution to the area; providing employment, improving real estate values and creating community.

shop small 1

So when you can, please support a small business. Keep them in mind when you’re ready to make a purchase. Big or small. Winter is a notoriously difficult time for retailers, so if you can make a purchase, shop local and shop small. Every time you buy from a independent store you’re helping a family, contributing to a community and supporting the local economy.

But making a purchase isn’t the only way you can show your support. There are other ways you can support them to, all of which are appreciated. Here’s how –

  • If you use social media, like Facebook or Instagram, make sure you go and like their pages, and visit them regularly.


  • Both Facebook and Instagram work on an algorithm, meaning that not every post your favourite businesses share will end up in your feed. Why? Well, businesses are ‘encouraged’ to pay for that privilege, for every one of their likers to see their posts, and believe me, that isn’t always in our budget. While that might be doable for Woolworths, your local small business isn’t quite working on the same marketing budget! So when you do see posts for small businesses, like them! Or better yet, leave a comment and let them know what you think. Or you could even share the post with your friends.


  • Does the small business have a blog (like this one)? When you’ve got five minutes hop on over and have a read. If you can leave a comment, do!


  • If you’re on Facebook, leave a small business a review. A 5 star rating means that small business will rate higher in Facebook’s algorithms. There are other pages and sites where you can leave customer experience reviews, go ahead and give your favourite a shout out!


  • Tell your friends. Speak positively about those small businesses you love and take your friends to visit.


  • See an opportunity for a small business? Tell them!! I regularly get messages from people who have seen great furniture in op-shops, or have heard of of someone selling items that would be perfect for Paisley Vintage. I appreciate each and every one of those referrals, even if it goes no where. The fact that those people were kind enough to think of me and my small business is wonderful.


I love my business and feel so grateful that I’m able to do what I love, and share it with others. I appreciate all the support you’ve shown me to date, and hope you will continue to do so. I have some exciting news to share in the next week or so, so please stay tuned!


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Chalk Paint™ Inspiration – Old Ochre

This month’s Chalk Paint™ inspiration colour is Old Ochre.

Old Ochre Collage

A faded, darkened cream colour, I regularly offer Old Ochre as a neutral alongside Pure and Old White. While it’s definitely a stronger colour than the others, it still works beautifully as a neutral in the right environment. Often described as bone, or even a creamy biscuit colour, Old Ochre has a warm undertone, considerably more obvious than in Old White, but certainly in the same family.

I’ve recently finished the chest of drawers below in Old Ochre, paired with Emile. As a comparison, the rocking horse in front has been finished in Old White.


Old Ochre takes on a beautiful old french provincial look when used with dark wax. The dresser below is absolutely stunning, and the wax just adds a beautiful depth to the appliques.


The Newest of Old

The distressing used on the armorie below is another stunning way in which Old Ochre can be used, highlighting the warmth and depth of dark wood. If you’d like to try out Old Ochre for yourself (and a little dark wax too!), why not sign up for the Paisley Vintage newsletter for a great deal! Enter your details over in the sidebar to receive updates every month.



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Catherine xxx




This month at Paisley Vintage

The last few weeks at Paisley Vintage have been crazy busy; loads of little projects were finished, a class or two were held and a lovely market was run, all of which I’m so grateful for, but I’ll definitely be glad for a quieter week or two asap! So I thought I’d share a few of the things that have gone on this month…

armorie collage

I’ve been working on a number of commission pieces of late, starting with this stunning armiore in Pure White. It drew a flurry of Facebook love with was very kind, and I was definitely happy to stand back and admire my work with this one! I’ve written a little about Pure White before (you can find out more here) and if you’re familiar with it yourself you’ll know if can require a few more coats that other colours. But the result is so worth it!

Pure White Hall Stand

Another commission piece, but I had a few offers on this one! Another Pure White makeover, this piece was so beautifully made, and with that little bit of paint and light distressing came up beautifully.

Buffet and Hutch

Last but not least, this girl is so stunning, she was definitely hard to give back! French Linen is just one of my favourites, I often see more green than grey on certain pieces; to me it’s sophisticated and just has character! There are glass shelves for the hutch which will look beautiful, I can’t wait to see it back in it’s home. (And yes, that is my daughter Emma in the reflection! Every photo I took had her somewhere pulling faces!)

Market Stall collage

The French Country Market was also on this month. Such an amazing event, if you  haven’t been before you should definitely try to go along. Even if you’re not a Francophile (but lets face it, there aren’t many of us who don’t love a little something French, even if it’s just cheese!) the array of stalls, the atmosphere, and the food are all amazing. In the photo on the right you can see three of four chairs I painted up especially for the market – they are definitely one the favourite things I’ve worked on and they went off to a lovely new home immediately. You know I’m a blue girl, and they just hit the spot perfectly. I’ve written about the French Country Market before over here. The next one of scheduled for November 12, so put it in your diary!

Phew! so busy, but so grateful. Last night I picked up two car loads of furniture from a very lovely lady, so the shop will be brimming with newbies in the coming weeks. Why not come in and say hello!

Catherine xxx



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