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The last few weeks at Paisley Vintage have been crazy busy; loads of little projects were finished, a class or two were held and a lovely market was run, all of which I’m so grateful for, but I’ll definitely be glad for a quieter week or two asap! So I thought I’d share a few of the things that have gone on this month…

armorie collage

I’ve been working on a number of commission pieces of late, starting with this stunning armiore in Pure White. It drew a flurry of Facebook love with was very kind, and I was definitely happy to stand back and admire my work with this one! I’ve written a little about Pure White before (you can find out more here) and if you’re familiar with it yourself you’ll know if can require a few more coats that other colours. But the result is so worth it!

Pure White Hall Stand

Another commission piece, but I had a few offers on this one! Another Pure White makeover, this piece was so beautifully made, and with that little bit of paint and light distressing came up beautifully.

Buffet and Hutch

Last but not least, this girl is so stunning, she was definitely hard to give back! French Linen is just one of my favourites, I often see more green than grey on certain pieces; to me it’s sophisticated and just has character! There are glass shelves for the hutch which will look beautiful, I can’t wait to see it back in it’s home. (And yes, that is my daughter Emma in the reflection! Every photo I took had her somewhere pulling faces!)

Market Stall collage

The French Country Market was also on this month. Such an amazing event, if you  haven’t been before you should definitely try to go along. Even if you’re not a Francophile (but lets face it, there aren’t many of us who don’t love a little something French, even if it’s just cheese!) the array of stalls, the atmosphere, and the food are all amazing. In the photo on the right you can see three of four chairs I painted up especially for the market – they are definitely one the favourite things I’ve worked on and they went off to a lovely new home immediately. You know I’m a blue girl, and they just hit the spot perfectly. I’ve written about the French Country Market before over here. The next one of scheduled for November 12, so put it in your diary!

Phew! so busy, but so grateful. Last night I picked up two car loads of furniture from a very lovely lady, so the shop will be brimming with newbies in the coming weeks. Why not come in and say hello!

Catherine xxx



Chalk Paint Inspiration – Louis Blue

It’s no secret I’m a blue / green girl. I do try my very best to try other colours, but I always return to my favourites. This month’s Chalk Paint™ Inspiration colour is Louis Blue.

louis blue collage

Louis Blue is a clean, pastel blue. A lovely soft hue, it’s a perfect hint of colour and not too overpowering. In my coastal location I find its the go-to blue for many of my customers, though I think there’s also something decidedly french about it, especially when used on something beautifully ornate.

My first project with Louis Blue was the chalk board shown below. I’m a fan of vintage frames and pick them up whenever I see something with a little bit of detail. If you look closely you’ll see the details below are highlighted in white, which was done by dry brushing lightly over the raised pieces.

Chalk board

Louis Blue is often used in layered combinations, like those shown below on the left and center photos. The picture on the right is the pure colour, for comparison. Paired with Paris Grey and Old White, or Coco, pieces take on a beautiful aged look with a soft pastel tone. They also demonstrate how easily this colour works can be either feminine or masculine.

louis blue collage 2

Source unknown / TLC Vintage Collection / Shabby Treats

In the picture below Louis Blue is paired with Pure White, a lovely soft combination with a coastal feel. The lady who purchased the dresser did so for her daughter, who loves blue in every shade (a girl after my own heart!) and didn’t want something overtly feminine. Louis Blue was perfect.

louis blue dresser 4

I couldn’t finish up on Louis Blue without sharing this beautiful chair I stumbled across on Pinterest. Over on Jou Jou My Love you can read up on some great tips on how to use Chalk Paint™ on fabric, as done on this beautiful chair. Louis Blue and Old White make for a perfect combination.


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Catherine xx



Chalk Paint™ Inspiration – Paloma

This months Chalk Paint™ inspiration colour of the month is Paloma! A very light shade of grey that has a purple hue, you could almost call it lavender. Annie Sloan describes this as a beautiful sophisticated warm taupe with a great deal of depth.

Paloma Collage


Though quite similar to the ever popular Paris Grey, when held together the purple and yellow undertones of Paloma become more obvious. When looking at these colours with customers in store I ask about where it will be used; the amount of light in the room as well as the colour of the walls and floors. With yellow toned walls (say an off white or cream) the yellow tone of Paloma is more pronounced. With a cool white, the purple comes to the fore.


Paloma v Paris Grey


In the picture below you can see just how beautiful Paloma looks with clear and dark wax, with the mirror painted by one of Annie’s artists in residence Janice Issitt. You can see how it works in the bohemian bedroom setting, but will equally work in something more modern. You can see more of Janice’s beautiful work here.




Quite apart from getting to share the beautiful Chalk Paint™ colour range with you, this series has been a real education process. Looking at each colour, learning about how it came about and it’s historical context has been amazing. I also love seeing how people use colours and styles differently, depending on their home and the look they’d like to achieve. I hope you’re enjoying the Chalk Paint™ inspiration too!

Paloma Chair

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Catherine xx

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